Canidae Dog Food Brand

How can you ignore a dog food brand named Canidae? It is healthy, delicious and simply what your dog needs. You can choose among its 6 various food formulas specifically made for working seniors, puppies and adult dogs. This product is also sold in various quantities weighing 5 lbs, 15 lbs and 30 lbs respectively. Some pet owners find Canidae very effective in losing their pet’s weight. And the best part is; this takes place at a normal rate making such change physically healthy for their pets. Some dogs with sensitive stomachs find this product very favorable too. In fact, their lamb formula recipe is suitable for dogs who can’t take a chicken formula. But just like other dog foods, Canidae has its own imperfections as well. Some claimed that it elevated their dog’s liver enzyme. Som...

e dogs also experienced hot-spots, diarrhea and pruritus after taking it. While some dogs experience stomach upset after trying it the first time, others ultimately made the necessary adjustment when they gradually served the food over time. Among the problems encountered are vomiting and indigestion. If your dog is experiencing food intolerance or allergies, the Canidae Grain Free Pure Dog Food will be best for your pet may it be a working dog, a senior, an adult or a puppy. This contains high quality protein sources with potent nutrients extracted from fruits and vegetables. The point is; it is devoid of any preservatives, artificial colors or any ingredients that are harmful to your pet. It contains natural ingredients which are intended to boost your dog’s health. It has no corn, soy, gluten, wheat or fillers. Hence, it is safe for dogs that are sensitive to these types of ingredients. And because it comes with a savory taste, your dog will surely love it too. If you wanted to feed your dog using a natural but holistic approach, you may use Canidae’s single grain dog food. This is packed with 29% protein content using chicken, fish, turkey and lamb as its sources. It is also distinct with its single grain source mainly using white and brown rice alone. As a result, your pet can be as healthy as it can be! Remember that you can never deprive your dog from having the best health and this can be attained economically with the use of Printable Canidae Dog Food Coupons.

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