Canine Scabies: How to Protect Your Dogs’ Skins

While you are adapting with having a new pet in the house, you must also be aware of the possibilities that your dog will get some diseases like that of the canine scabies. Most of the dogs that are getting this sickness are those that are not totally taken care of. These dogs are not seen to get their baths every day or regularly. They are only given their foods to eat and taken for walks, and that is it. That should not be the attitude of a dog owner once he included his dog as part of his family. Dog owners should always be keeping their dogs clean. They should also have clean beds and collars. They should also be taken away from other dogs that you suspect to have mites. For your dog to become totally clean and healthy, you have to see to it that his feet, ears and hands are free from ...

mites. Canine scabies is one of the major problems of dog owners. They sometimes do not know how to save their dogs especially regretting how they have taken for granted their pets and are now suffering from great hair losses and irritating skin. One of the problems here is the lack of time the dog owners give to their dogs and even do not inspect their dogs’ welfare. Most of the dogs show symptoms of this sickness like when they often feel itchy. They scratch their ears and their stomach often. You should already notice by then the sores and small red spots in the dog’s skins. Sometimes the dogs often get weak from the sickness too especially when it already affected their immune system. To get a safer resolution for your dogs’ problems, you should also make an appointment with your veterinarian. You have to get his suggestion on what treatment you will have to get your dog with to get him better.

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