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Are you a pet lover? If you are, then you must have heard about Iams. This company is dedicated to augment the lives of cats and dogs, especially when it comes to their nutrition. For this reason, a lot of people watch out for Iams cat food coupons. These allow you to buy Iams products in discounted prices. To get regular updates, you need to sign up to their official website. You will then have the advantage of getting special discounts whenever they are available. Iams Cat Food Reviews Iams is reputed for selling cat foods. In fact, they offer this type of food depending on the cat’s age. Hence, they have foods especially made for kittens as well as for adult cats. This ensures their complete nutrition. And since these foods taste good as well, it won’t be hard to feed them to your ...

cats. All these could have not been possible if not for the contribution made by Paul F. Iams in 1946. He initiated the effort to formulate cat and dog foods that will give them the advanced nutrition that they need. He took the time and effort to meet with nutritionists and breeders to be able to conceptualize the need for proteins and fats in any pet’s diet. He believes that advanced nutrition will make a lot of difference in the lives of cats and dogs. This gave birth to a lot of innovations in the diet of these animals. In 1968, beet pulps were discovered to improve these animals’ digestion. In 1994, the FOS Prebiotics started to augment the intestinal health of cats and dogs. In 1998, these animals’ renal disease was managed with the introduction of Nitrogen Trap Fiver System. By the year 2000, vitamin A started to help dogs and cat manage their weight gain. In 2001, Iams came up with a dental defence for these pets. And finally, in 2008, a Premium Protection formula was discovered to burn their fat as well as maintains their muscles. Iams Dry Cat Food Reviews Iams is also famous for its dry cat foods. This contains chicken by- products that serve as a good source of protein for cats. It comes with essential nutrients too such as minerals and essential amino acids. Such formulation boosts the cat’s immune system, providing them a healthy digestive system. Iams Canned Cat Food Reviews If your cat loves to eat canned cat foods, Iams is a good brand to buy as well. It is complete with essential nutrition and sumptuous taste that your cats would surely love. Hence, watching out for Iams cat food coupon this year will surely be worth the effort.

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