Cat Genie Self Washing Cat Litter Box Reviews

The cat genie self washing cat litter box reviews are my resources on buying the said item. When I decided to get a pet cat, I didn't know how to choose the right litter box. I didn't even know what accessories to buy. So when I read the cat litter box reviews, I found out that that brand name is the world's only self flushing litter box. It is a self cleaning litter box in a shape of a toilet bowl with a cute hand flusher that even a kitty can handle. If you are not convinced that this will work, then read some of the reviews about it. Here's one. A kid cat owner wrote this last December. She has a kitty and it poops anywhere in the house. On Christmas, her parents gave her the Cat Genie as a present for her kitty. To make the long story short, it was very helpful and she loved it so much...

. I recently had a litter box shipped for my cats. This is after I read a cat genie self washing cat litter box reviews that you guys should check out. It told me that the litter box works like your own toilet bowl. Instead of disposable and clumping kitty litter, the litter box makes use of plastic, highly sanitary granules that look like kitty litter. My cats did not even feel the difference! With one push of a button, the granules spin around. Hot air with sanitizing spray dries up and cleans the granules, while urine is absorbed under the floor to be flushed. There's a strainer attached at the side that sifts poop and automatically lifts up for proper disposal as well. All of these information are what I found out after reading the cat litter box reviews. So you see, reading reviews are indeed important before getting a product so you can be certain that you get the right one upon purchasing it.

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