Automatic Litter Box – SaniSolution Vs ScoopFree

Maintaining your pet cat's litter box is a bit of a hassle most of the time. The solution? Automatic litter boxes. With its high demand, numerous companies have designed their own versions of these litter boxes. Here are some of the markets' leading automatic litter box reviews. First off, the Cat Genie 120, it uses granules that are washable and blow dried by the machine itself. It also features a Cat Activation setting that allows automatic flushing of urine and solid wastes. The CatGenie sanitizes using the SaniSolution that you replace after 240 washes. Next up is the ScoopFree, where in your cat relieves itself then the urine is absorbed by the mineral in the tray. As for the solid waste, it is dried out by the mineral. After your cat has finished its business, the machine automatic...

ally rakes the waste to a covered box to eliminate odor and maintain the machine's cleanliness. Just replace the mineral tray after a few weeks.

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