Some Automatic Litter Box Reviews

I am looking for automatic litter box reviews to help me decide which product to buy. There are a lot in the market right now offering hands-free litter box cleaning. I find the products too wasteful, too expensive, too complicated, or too creepy for my cat. Some electric litter boxes make too much noise that it scares my cat away. Others are just too wasteful. I found one that uses a sliding grill, much like the magic slate that I used to play with when I was young. But the whole tray is disposable, with the litter! I find it wasteful, expensive, and ineffective. It just hides the poop and urine at one side, making the smell unbearable. Others that have an automated robotic hand scare my cats away. I don't want a litter box that uses too much of my electricity. I just want the expensive c...

lumping litter saved, and dirty kitty litter away from my hands.

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