Everything You Need to Know About Frozen Reptile Foods

If you are having a herp as your pet, you have to be familiar with the types of food that will best sustain its life. Herps can be snakes, lizards, amphibians and even turtle. If they are carnivorous then they will surely love to eat a frozen reptile foods. Hence, it is important for you to ask about the herp’s dietary need when you buy it from the store. Among the frozen reptile food products available in the market today, the best choice is the frozen mice. Why? This is simply because it closely resembles the herp’s usual food when it was still in the wild. Since you are left with no choice but to avail of the commercial reptile foods to feed your pet, you have to see to it that you only feed it with the best choice. Many of these commercial products are unhealthy and come with insuf...

ficient nutrition. They may even cause your pet to experience unusual growth. This alone may cause nutritional deficiencies to your herp. Moreover, some people wonder whether it will be best to feed live rodents instead of its frozen counterparts. Well, it is always best to provide the frozen product. This way, the rodent will not have the chance to fight back, protecting your pet from being hurt during consumption. Since you bought it as frozen, make sure to defrost it before feeding. To do this, leave it to the counter until it will get its desired temperature. You can also place it in an enclosed cellophane and dip it on a warm water. But don’t you ever try to thaw it using a microwave oven. This may burn your reptile’s internal organ when ingested. Just see to it that it has completely thawed to avoid a sudden reduction in your pet’s body temperature when eating it frozen.

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