Frozen Mice: Feeding Guide for Reptile Owners

Veterenarians claim that owning a pet teaches responsibility. But what if you have a pet snake? Do you know how often does it eat and what types of diet does it have? Well, you can always use mouse to feed it. And good thing we have stores nowadays that sell frozen mice. In case you haven’t tried using a frozen mouse as your pet’s food, then there are some things that you need to know. You need to defrost it to keep your snake from experiencing hypothermia or sudden drop in its body’s temperature. Heating it to more than the room’s temperature will also help. We know that reptiles love eating warm bodies rodents. Hence, warming their food before feeding them will not only make them taste natural but will make them delectable for your pet as well. Though some pet owners simply place th...

em on a serving plate, others make them look alive by moving them using a tong as its handle. By dangling the rodent, the reptile will have a stronger drive to take it. You need to observe proper timing when feeding your pet too. In case you have a nocturnal pet, see to it that it will be fed at night. Daytime feeding is also ideal for diurnal pets and giving food at dusk is preferable for crepuscular reptiles. Sometimes, your reptile may refuse to take the commercial product that you intend to feed it. Sometimes, this has to do with the rodent’s scent. Hence, it is best to apply an artificially made scent to the food before serving it to your pet. The natural scent of the mouse may also be enhanced when you pierce its braincase. As mentioned earlier, dangling the prey with a forcep may also help. And some reptile owners dip the prey to a chicken broth before feeding it to their pets. Kw: pinky mice

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